Thursday, June 7, 2012

Food Processor

Hi guys,
   This is an interesting project. I couldn't stop myself from posting. I'm posting it in WIP stage itself  :-p
Material list:
    Found objects: Oral-B brush protective cap(it has a open at the back and a small cut at the bottom)
                                4 paper clips
                                deodorant cap
                                 ear ring stopper, metal part not required. We can use plastic ones.
                                  an empty pencil lead box
                                  Any strong card or cardboard
           Cutting pliers

   Using cutting pliers, cut paper clip as shown in img below. We will be using left side part. Make four like this.

Glue these four metal pieces as in img below.

Now remove the metal part from earring stopper or else use a plastic stopper. I used plastic one. Now apply glue on top and stick it to the metal pins as in img.

Now slide that into the oral-b brush cap and glue it firmly. Now remove the cap and cut the top part of pencil lead box , it will be of the size of your finger. Now insert gum tape into the box opening and onto the brush cap as in img below, to make a flexible head.

Now glue this onto the card or any base firmly.

Now insert the deodorant cap by lifting the flexible head of the processor.
  Food processor is ready. I have to paint the whole thing leaving the metal part and have to add a  button for start n stop and a red kundan(a small drop sticker) as indicator and wire and a plug.
Hope you liked it. Njoy :-)


  1. Excellent!! what a wonderful idea. Thank you so much for yet another awesome tut.

  2. Thank you for sharing all your tutorials. You are very helpfull. The mixer is a wonderful idea.
    Hugs from Craftland

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  4. Hi have just found your site, via Jazzi, I love what you do, I love to take trash and turn it into miniatures, I have done a lot of projects, have fun and look forward to seeing more from you

  5. Te ha quedado fantastico, gracias por compartir.
    besitos ascension

  6. Thank you so much for all your wonderful tut´s, they are easy and cheap and look so pretty! Love them all! Hugs Hannelore from Germany