Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tissue paper holder


Here's a tip for making the tissue paper holder. Taking this first pic as reference, i buildup the rest. We need a paper clip, some tissue paper cut into small ribbon, an empty pen refill, a metal coloured round bead, and a press button.
Reference from net.

Paper clip
The press button part is apt for our purpose.

Cut the clip as shown above.

 Cut an empty refill and roll it with a tissue ribbon and insert into the pin  as shown above.

Insert a round bead.

Now glue the press button part to the back of  bead.

 The tissue holder is ready.  Njoy  :-)

P.S: The making images are done in photoshop not real. 



  1. thats clever! great idea..thanks for sharing!!!

  2. this is great, thanks a bunch

  3. Brilliant, looked everywhere for a loo roll holder and this one is so good. thank you