Monday, February 27, 2012


      Today i will show you how to make a wallet. Materials needed to make it are: Paper tape(white) it got some texture which is apt for leather look, Brown shoe polish, piece of thin transparent polythene cover, piece of white paper ,dry pastels, non-stick surface(here i took a plastic package box), scissors, glue and a toothpick.

Some references from net.


Cut required length of tape and stick it a surface like plastic so that we can peel the tape later. Apply  polish and let it dry and then polish it to get the shine.

I left it for one night to dry so that the color wont stick to hands when doing further process.
See the texture and the shine of it. I liked it and it has given me the leather texture i wanted.
Now  cut two small pieces of paper as below and apply some light yellowish brown shade using dry pastels.
Now peel the tape and reverse it and place this paper pieces leaving equal border around and cut it. Now fold the borders as in image.

The edges has to be glued because at edges we ll have non sticky surfaces facing each other. Glue them by carefully applying glue with a toothpick.

Now apply glue on three sides of one of the above pieces and stick both the pieces together. Make sure the open of the purse should be good.
Now let it dry completely. Give it atleast 5 to 10mins and do the next procedure. Now we will make pockets for cards. First fold the purse to take the measurement for pockets.We will do the same procedure as above for pockets, cut a paper strip and stick it to tape and glue it the inner side of wallet.

Now add one more pocket. Always remember one side shouldn't be glued. It is the open for keeping cards.

Two pockets are ready now we have to add a transparent pocket to keep id-card or a photo. Cut a small piece of thin transparent polythene and using small strips of tape, stick to the other side. One side is for pockets and the other for photo.

The wallet is ready.. Njoy:-)