Wednesday, February 8, 2012


  How about making a scissors? Your doll may be thinking of doing some embroidery... so lets give her a little gift. Ofcourse not a working model ;-p
     To make this , we will need a dress hook, cutting plier, a file, hammer and a permanent marker.
Take a hook and open it as in image below.

Cut the unwanted part, then we will get two pieces as in image below. I hammered the first half of each part (to make it flat) and then filed it to remove roughness and make it shine.

Now glue them , keeping them in crisscross position and let it fix properly. Scissors are ready!!  Using a permanent marker, mark a dot to make a feel of nail holding the two blades at center. I didn't use it, You can do it, if you prefer.
See the size of it. Its of my nail size :-D


  1. Magnifico trabajo , brillante idea.
    saludos Loly

  2. This is a really cute project, thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Wow!,,Love this,,,so cute,,have to get started making some,,lol,,thanks

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