Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bottle, Newspaper or magazine rack

Magazine rack.

Bottle rack.

Hi friends,
This is a very easy tutorial. We just need a few things from stationary and a super glue that sticks metals together. The images below explains the procedure. 

Reference from net

We need a super glue,  2 paper clips like this and stapler pins  big size.

Take out the stapler and use only 3/4th of the stack.

Apply glue to stapler pin ends and carefully place the paper clips and secure them  with  a plaster, till they  fix properly.  Keep upside down to get them even on top, till they get dried. Image shows the dried up rack in right direction.
I used it as bottle rack. We can arrange some mini newspapers or magazines too.Click to enlarge.

Have fun:-)

P.S: Be careful while using super glue. Don't use fingers, use a toothpick to apply evenly. Use only on the edges, don't let it spread on the surface. It looks odd after it dries.


  1. Muy original , buen resultado , DIVERTIDO.
    Feliz Navidad . Loly

  2. Great stuff! You know you can remove the stick part of the pushpin by holding it to the flame of a lighter until it gets hot and then it will come right out with a little pull.