Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   Here's an interesting tip, v.much needed in making a kitchen or bathroom scene. A tap or a faucet can be easily done with nails or some beads if you wish.  Here's the tip. Take two nails and bend one nail as shown in pic below. Now cut the bent nail to the required length as shown in pic.2. Now cut the straight nail and stick it to the first nail as in pic.3 .This is will be the handle. You can use a m-seal to stick it or small flat bead with little thickness will also work. Just arrange them and fix them with some glue or you can even weld if you wish. Now paint the bent nail bottom with black to make it feel like there's a hole.  Njoy:-)
P.S: The final image of tap is done in photoshop. Not a real one. Bcoz this is jus a tip not a tutorial. ;-p



  1. gracias por todos los tutoriales , pero este se lleva el primer premio al ingenio , simple pero muy
    Besos y Feliz Navidad. Loly

  2. Excelente, Pero para mi sería muy difici conseguir una herramienta que corte ese material :(