Monday, August 20, 2012

Mini Screwdriver

   I my mini world, tutorials I mostly make are also mini(short).  I like doing things from found objects . As I am not making any dollhouse or room box, I am doing things randomly which come to my mind , when I see some (found)objects.  This is one among them.
    This is a mini screwdriver, which is made with only two objects,  a toothpick  and a paper pin. Actually, these two are my tools for making minis . Now using these two, I will make a mini tool:-)
Cut the toothpick as in img below.  We will be using the center part.
File this flat on top and rounded at bottom.
Make a hole in the center using a pin on the flat top.
Now,take the pin and file the pointed end a little and flatten the edge a little with a hammer as in img below.
Cut the round head and  apply glue to it and insert in the hole of handle we just made.  Let it dry completely.
That's it.  Happy screwing:-)

Monday, August 13, 2012


    Need a headphone for your doll?? My doll wanted it. So thought of making one. I made this with found objects and the result came... so good. I liked it.

          Let's start. We need two grey tablet blisters, a bottle ring(cut it to open), a wire came with price tag of a dress, two rings of blister size(i used dress adjusters), a thin sponge(came with some packing), black cover(we will be using very small piece), scissors, glue, file(use it whenever smooth edges are required), some air hardening clay(optional), black color.

    Next imgs will explain the procedure.
Trim the edges of the blister as in img. While selecting the blisters n rings, make sure they are of the same size.
Cut the tag wire as in above pic. The center part will be our mic.
The arrangement of the parts:
Now make a small hole in blister and insert the wire. To fix it in place, i'm using clay or u can use m-seal.

It looks as in above pic.
  Now the head band part. Take the bottle ring and mark the required  size and cut it as in below imgs.

Now cut the rings, to insert band as in img below.
Cut two circles out of thin sponge and color them  and head band in black.

Let them dry.
 Now cut two thin strips of black cover and glue it to the ring and let it dry. Take the dried sponge circles and glue them inside the ring and the tablet blister on another side. Before gluing the blister with mic, check with headband(by inserting in the cut portion of ring ) and adjust the mouth piece before gluing the blister to ring.  Mouth piece and  ring (open side) should be on opposite sides. See the pics below.

Now insert the headband from both the ear pieces through the open part and glue it in place. You can even insert before gluing the blister to ring. See the img below.

Let it dry completely. That's it.. Headphones are ready for ur doll.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Smiley Ball

Hi guys,
    This is smallest tutorial i ever made. We need a small yellow  thermocol ball and a black pen. Just draw a smiley face on it. That's it... Smiles:-))) A mini smiley ball is ready .

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tennis Ball

Hi friends,
        I'm back with one more small tutorial :-).. A miniature tennis ball. We need one small thermocol ball which we use in balloons(this is barbie scale), greenish yellow thread, glue, scissors, toothpick and tweezers.

    Cut around 1 meter length thread and fold it a number of times as in pic.
Cut through the center as in pic.
Now start cutting very fine pieces, it should  look like powder
 Now draw the pattern on ball very lightly with pencil. You can take reference from net or a real tennis ball. Now apply a thin layer of glue outside the pattern using toothpick. Thick layer of glue may mess up the ball. Now using tweezers arrange thread powder on the ball.
Glue layer

Applying thread powder
After this press it gently so that it will fix tightly.  Make sure it shouldn't cross the line and the line shouldn't show up.

Now make another line leaving space for white as in img.

Now apply glue and thread powder as in above steps. White part should be clear. Let it dry. That's it tennis ball is ready.