Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea cups

Hi friends,
    How about a cup of tea?? Ok, to have a cup of tea, first we have to make a tea cup, right? So , lets get started. Recently i found small bells which are apt for making these cups. We need 6 bells, Super glue, wire cutter, nose pliers and a toothpick.
   Using a nose plier widen the ring. Now we can separate the bell and this ring will be used in further process.
Separated parts
Six cups are ready to get the handle attached to them.
Take the ring and make into this shape using wire cutters and nose pliers. I cut the ring a bit to make it to the size of cup.
Glue the handle to the cup using a super glue. Apply glue to the handle with a toothpick and stick it to the cup. Give it some support till it gets dry.

The cups are ready. Lets have a tea party....Njoy :-)


  1. love the idea! thank you for sharing!!! :)

  2. I would like to paint these. I thought I would wash them with alcohol to clean them from fingerprints, etc. and then just apply a few light simple coats of paint. I need them for a project but want them in yellow. Any suggestions?

    Pat at

  3. these are so sweet, just right for the fairies at the bottom of the garden.xx