Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Today i will show you how to make a box. Its really v.easy and you can do it in your office leisure time too :-p. We need stapler pins, glue that is used for metal, tansparent tape and tweezers.

Three stacks of pins are enough for making this box. Take 2 stacks and hold it as in image and mark the height of the horizontal stack on the vertical one and separate it from stack. You can do it with fingers. Make four pieces like this for covering the sides of horizontal pins.
Glue two small pieces we just separated from one stack to the horizontal stack. Hold it with a tweezer while doing and let it dry completely.. Click the image to enlarge , to understand how i glued them.
Now hold the above made two pieces together as in figure and tape them and the intersection.
That's it ... the box is ready that too a working piece. Njoy :-)
Have a nice day:-)