Friday, March 2, 2012



  Today i'm going to show you, how to decorate the box we did before. Its kind of interesting and fun... Lets go back to our childhood, we used to transfer coin designs onto paper, not tracing , i'm talking about embossing... Ya, i'm going to use the same technique here.
 We need a box, aluminium foil, coins with designs on it,  big staple pins, toothpick and glue.

I have collected three sizes of pins. Smallest one is the regular one and the middle one i used for making box and the biggest one is the one which i'm going to use here.
 I have collected some coins with interesting floral designs.
I separated two pins from the bigger set and i have selected this coin for embossing.

Glue the two pins as in image below and set aside. This will be our frame.
Cut a  piece of foil with the measurements of  above frame. Keep the selected coin below the foil and using the toothpick gently run on the foil. Make sure all the details are covered. Use the bottom of toothpick initially and for minor details use the tip of it. Be careful while doing this, foil is very delicate.
Technique for embossing

This is the embossed design on foil
See the details
After doing this we have to smooth the surroundings. Use any tool of your choice and make sure the design shouldn't get disturbed.
After smoothing

This one is my favorite...need to smooth the center more.
Now cut the foil and glue it to the frame.

Now the design is done and ready to be glued on top of box.

That's it. Njoy:-)