Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hi friends,
   Does your mini Doctor, needs a stethoscope?? Here's how you can make a mini stethoscope. We'll need a craft plastic wire, paper clips,two  small black beads, a push button, super glue, wire cutter, toothpick and scissors.

I am using this big pin marked in red
Small black beads
Plastic Craft Wire, it is hollow pipe
Press buttons. I will use the lower right part.

The images below explain the procedure...
Take a reference. This image is collected from net.
Cut two pieces of wire, one is about 6cm and the other 4.5cm...These measurements are for barbie scale.
Slit the 6cm wire around 0.5cm. 
  Now we will get two parts. One i will leave with the same measurement 0.5cm and the other i will cut it half of it horizontally leaving it as 0.25cm.

Now, i will keep the 4cm wire between the slit parts and overlap with the 0.5cm and 0.25cm split ends and glue it. Make sure the split ends of 6cm wire should be glued at the center of 4cm wire.

Cut the pin using wire cutter and take longer side, which is in the right side of the image.
Make that metal wire into two equal parts.
Apply glue to the ends with toothpick and insert the pins into the wire. 
Apply glue to beads and stick them to the pins ends.
Actually, i noticed a problem here. The plastic wire won't stay in U- position. I would hav checked it before gluing pins to wire. You guys please check your wire and insert a flexible metal wire into the plastic wire. Now using a cylindrical object with small diameter, bend it in U-shape. Now add the pins and follow the rest of the process.

      Here i paused, because i'm in search of that press pin :-(
  I will continue this after finding that button. Rest is v.easy. I have to paint the rim in black and i will fill the hole and glue this to the above made setup. Have a nice day :-)


  1. ¡Fantástico! gracias por compartirlo.Besos

  2. Nice tutorials! I'm glad I found your blog today! :-) Jennifer

  3. Fantastico!! Gracias por compartir tus ideas y trucos con nosotros son fantásticos.

  4. So creative! I love your tutorials, thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome, love it. I can't find the second part of this blog about the press pin. Would love to know how you filled it to make it look so good and how you attached it.

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