Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Today i will show you how to make a box. Its really v.easy and you can do it in your office leisure time too :-p. We need stapler pins, glue that is used for metal, tansparent tape and tweezers.

Three stacks of pins are enough for making this box. Take 2 stacks and hold it as in image and mark the height of the horizontal stack on the vertical one and separate it from stack. You can do it with fingers. Make four pieces like this for covering the sides of horizontal pins.
Glue two small pieces we just separated from one stack to the horizontal stack. Hold it with a tweezer while doing and let it dry completely.. Click the image to enlarge , to understand how i glued them.
Now hold the above made two pieces together as in figure and tape them and the intersection.
That's it ... the box is ready that too a working piece. Njoy :-)
Have a nice day:-)

Monday, February 27, 2012


      Today i will show you how to make a wallet. Materials needed to make it are: Paper tape(white) it got some texture which is apt for leather look, Brown shoe polish, piece of thin transparent polythene cover, piece of white paper ,dry pastels, non-stick surface(here i took a plastic package box), scissors, glue and a toothpick.

Some references from net.


Cut required length of tape and stick it a surface like plastic so that we can peel the tape later. Apply  polish and let it dry and then polish it to get the shine.

I left it for one night to dry so that the color wont stick to hands when doing further process.
See the texture and the shine of it. I liked it and it has given me the leather texture i wanted.
Now  cut two small pieces of paper as below and apply some light yellowish brown shade using dry pastels.
Now peel the tape and reverse it and place this paper pieces leaving equal border around and cut it. Now fold the borders as in image.

The edges has to be glued because at edges we ll have non sticky surfaces facing each other. Glue them by carefully applying glue with a toothpick.

Now apply glue on three sides of one of the above pieces and stick both the pieces together. Make sure the open of the purse should be good.
Now let it dry completely. Give it atleast 5 to 10mins and do the next procedure. Now we will make pockets for cards. First fold the purse to take the measurement for pockets.We will do the same procedure as above for pockets, cut a paper strip and stick it to tape and glue it the inner side of wallet.

Now add one more pocket. Always remember one side shouldn't be glued. It is the open for keeping cards.

Two pockets are ready now we have to add a transparent pocket to keep id-card or a photo. Cut a small piece of thin transparent polythene and using small strips of tape, stick to the other side. One side is for pockets and the other for photo.

The wallet is ready.. Njoy:-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tea cups

Hi friends,
    How about a cup of tea?? Ok, to have a cup of tea, first we have to make a tea cup, right? So , lets get started. Recently i found small bells which are apt for making these cups. We need 6 bells, Super glue, wire cutter, nose pliers and a toothpick.
   Using a nose plier widen the ring. Now we can separate the bell and this ring will be used in further process.
Separated parts
Six cups are ready to get the handle attached to them.
Take the ring and make into this shape using wire cutters and nose pliers. I cut the ring a bit to make it to the size of cup.
Glue the handle to the cup using a super glue. Apply glue to the handle with a toothpick and stick it to the cup. Give it some support till it gets dry.

The cups are ready. Lets have a tea party....Njoy :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hi friends,
   Does your mini Doctor, needs a stethoscope?? Here's how you can make a mini stethoscope. We'll need a craft plastic wire, paper clips,two  small black beads, a push button, super glue, wire cutter, toothpick and scissors.

I am using this big pin marked in red
Small black beads
Plastic Craft Wire, it is hollow pipe
Press buttons. I will use the lower right part.

The images below explain the procedure...
Take a reference. This image is collected from net.
Cut two pieces of wire, one is about 6cm and the other 4.5cm...These measurements are for barbie scale.
Slit the 6cm wire around 0.5cm. 
  Now we will get two parts. One i will leave with the same measurement 0.5cm and the other i will cut it half of it horizontally leaving it as 0.25cm.

Now, i will keep the 4cm wire between the slit parts and overlap with the 0.5cm and 0.25cm split ends and glue it. Make sure the split ends of 6cm wire should be glued at the center of 4cm wire.

Cut the pin using wire cutter and take longer side, which is in the right side of the image.
Make that metal wire into two equal parts.
Apply glue to the ends with toothpick and insert the pins into the wire. 
Apply glue to beads and stick them to the pins ends.
Actually, i noticed a problem here. The plastic wire won't stay in U- position. I would hav checked it before gluing pins to wire. You guys please check your wire and insert a flexible metal wire into the plastic wire. Now using a cylindrical object with small diameter, bend it in U-shape. Now add the pins and follow the rest of the process.

      Here i paused, because i'm in search of that press pin :-(
  I will continue this after finding that button. Rest is v.easy. I have to paint the rim in black and i will fill the hole and glue this to the above made setup. Have a nice day :-)