Friday, February 3, 2012

Ketchup bottle

  Here's a miniature ketchup bottle waiting to be added in your scene. Let's see how to make it.
Things needed:  used pens(i prefer red for ketchup bottle), birthday candle holders, cutter, glue, sand paper, tweezers, pushpin(optional).
Cut the empty pen to required length.

Pull the refill(which is a tightly fixed inside the pen shell in these type of pens)  with tweezers  and pushpin.

Take one candle holder.

Cut the nose to required length.

Before glueing the pen and holder make sure both the surfaces are flat.  Better to sand them before glueing .

Apply glue and leave it to stick properly.

TaDaaaa....Here's your mini ketchup bottle. :-)
You can paint a dot on the top of nose to make it look like a hole. In the same way you can make mustard bottle too. Have fun :-)..

1 comment:

  1. Spandana, you can add a ketchup label to the bottle from an ad found in weekly food/grocery flyers or printie if you like. Also the same can be done for a mustard one. Just thinking out loud here.. :)