Saturday, February 4, 2012

Golden trim for crockey

  This tip should be used when making a set of mini crockery, so that there will be no wastage of gold color. To get a gold trim around crockery like the image below( reference from net). After painting your bowl with color of your choice. let it dry completely. Now take a plate and pour some gold color and make it level, it should have the height of the rim you wanted. Now invert your bowl and dip the rim in the paint on plate. Remove it immediately. So that only a thin layer of paint sticks to your bowl. Let it dry in the inverted position only. Decorate your dish as you like with flowers or anything you wish. You can paint your dish with designs or you can use nail art stickers that looks like paint , no thickness like decals. Now give a coat of clear nail polish to the dish or any clear varnish to get the shine.

Reference from net. Real size dish.
 You can use the same technique for cups, saucers, plates and glasses. Have fun :-)
 P.S: Be careful while taking out the minis from paint plate, the paint may drip or stick to unwanted areas.

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