Friday, February 3, 2012

Corn hair or corn silk

    This is something that we wouldn't have thought of using in our miniatures. Corn hair or corn silk is something that has good uses. This is an image from net and see what i have made using corn hair in 2nd image.
Click image to enlarge.

After drying it i used to make hair for my  mannequin.
 You can use the dry corn silk on ground for a village or forest or for some untidy background. The texture is really wonderful. We can use it for making a bird nest and can be added in a vine on a wall to give a look of dried up stems.
   Raw corn silk can be cut short and used as grass. Add some small stones, dry medium length corn silk(scattered on ground), some dry small thin stems or twigs to make it really good scene. This makes a really good background. Try it. Have fun :-)

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