Thursday, February 9, 2012

BasketBall hoop (wip)

Hi guys,
    Today i'm in mood of a game. Lets do a basket ball hoop. I recently bought a key chain, it has a mini basketball , i'm going to use that. We need a bangle or anything that resembles a ring,  a net bag( which i got with fruits, it looks like  socks), a mini basketball, super glue, scissors, cardboard or some metal, solder (for assembling hoop and holder).
     The pic above shows the main things i'm using. The bangle should have a diameter a bit more than the ball. Check it before proceeding.
Now insert the net which is closed at one end and measure the required length , plus a 1cm of net for gluing and cut it. We have to cut the closed end to allow the ball.

Now glue the wider end of net to the bangle.
This completes the hoop part. This is where i stopped. Will continue it soon and finish it.  I have to make holder and stand. See u soon in this project :-)


  1. Wonderful project !
    Please go on!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. For basketball pole, you should never compromise on the price. The more you spend the better quality pole you get and that should be the motive. A game of basketball without a strong pole can be a spoiler.