Thursday, June 7, 2012

Juice glass

Hi guys,
 Its been a long time i'm not active in my blog. How are you guys doing?? I came up with one more easy tutorial on making mini juice glass. Glass is a found object, i got it from some medical things, my cousin gave it to me. I peeled the paper on it, that's all. If you want, you can decorate it too. Things i used are , a transparent wire,a nail deco sticker, scissors and glue.

   I cut a required length of wire and straightened it and glued it to glass. I took one orange slice and cut out a tiny piece to fit it on glass and glued it. That's all...

 I have to fill some juice in it... any suggestions?? Have a nice day :-)

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  1. searching for "fake water", i had found to use gelatine-one often has at home!! some soaked gelatine, a little drop of colour, perhaps a drop of dishwashing-liquid for bubbles! I used it for a bath-tub! Was wonderful for some days..then slowly gets a bit drier..but still quite nice to look at!
    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful ideas!!