Monday, February 6, 2012

Spice rack

    This will surely add some extra spice to your mini kitchen ;-p. I love making minis with things which we usually see in our daily life and some things which we use for crafting. Here i will be using hair pins, toothpicks, icecream stick , quilling paper, glue, cutter, a file or sandpaper and some tape.

Take 2 hair pins and widen it a bit to make v shape.
Take small beads and glue them to the ends.
Let them dry for a while.
Cut a toothpick and glue it to the pin in the lower bend.

Cut an icecream stick and glue it on top of toothpick. Make sure the pins stand. Secure it with tape, so that they will fix properly. Leave it  overnight, as  the wood should stick properly to metal.

After completely drying, the pins should stand like this.
Take a quilling paper and fold it lengthwise and glue them. This gives thickness to the  paper.
Cut the qulling paper into required length and glue it to sides and back .
This is the finished spice rack. You can add one more below.

You can keep your mini bottles or some spice bottles on the rack.

You can use cardboard instead of quilling paper. I used it so that i don't have to cut the strips from cardboard. Njoy:-)



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