Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tennis Ball

Hi friends,
        I'm back with one more small tutorial :-).. A miniature tennis ball. We need one small thermocol ball which we use in balloons(this is barbie scale), greenish yellow thread, glue, scissors, toothpick and tweezers.

    Cut around 1 meter length thread and fold it a number of times as in pic.
Cut through the center as in pic.
Now start cutting very fine pieces, it should  look like powder
 Now draw the pattern on ball very lightly with pencil. You can take reference from net or a real tennis ball. Now apply a thin layer of glue outside the pattern using toothpick. Thick layer of glue may mess up the ball. Now using tweezers arrange thread powder on the ball.
Glue layer

Applying thread powder
After this press it gently so that it will fix tightly.  Make sure it shouldn't cross the line and the line shouldn't show up.

Now make another line leaving space for white as in img.

Now apply glue and thread powder as in above steps. White part should be clear. Let it dry. That's it tennis ball is ready.


  1. un tuto muy bueno y sencillo , gracias



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