Thursday, July 26, 2012

Service Bell

       This mini service bell is made from found objects. I used a gray tablet blister, Paper pin, small bottle lid and a small pipe.

 I have marked the lid in black to cut to the required height. The pipe should let the pin inside.  Trim the blister as in image.
cut the lid and mark the center and insert the pin in center to make a small hole. paint it black and allow it to dry.

Mark the center of the blister. Now insert the blister, pipe and lid respectively..Cut the pin to required length and seal it with m_seal at the bottom.

That's it. Keep it on your miniature counter. Have a nice day:-)

Table clock

 Hi guys,

       Today's tut is table clock with found objects. I used tablet blister, a rubber band kind of thing(v.flexible and got width which matched the blister size), adjuster, 0.5 pencil lead, paper, black color, glue.

The blister in above img is trimmed one. Clean it with a wet wipe. Now insert it into the rubber ring as in below img.
Now take the adjuster and cut it as in img. I used the close part as base and glued it.

 Take a white sheet and draw a circle with outer rim radius and two more with inner radius. These two circular discs should fit in the clock exactly. So now we have three discs.

 Now glue one big and one small disc together and paint it in black.
 Now take the third disc and mark hours and center. Now take pencil lead and make two small pieces, one for hours hand and another for minutes hand. glue them in center. After drying , glue this to the colored discs. I cut three discs, so that depth inside the clock reduces. You can use one disc too.. but you have to trim the blister to smaller width.

Glue this to the back of the clock frame, we made before.

 Its almost done, We can add a botton on top and a time adjuster at the back and a small piece of rectangular cut white sheet at the back to indicate cell area.

That's it. Hope you liked it. You can make it more interesting by taking different blister shapes or using metal shades like gold or silver for base, top and back portions. Have a nice day :-)