Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hi friends,
    To make mini bottles we need a transparent pen shell, cutter, push pins, cutting pliers,candle and glue.
Cut the pen to the required length. Lit a candle and heat the push pin metal part and now pluck it with a tweezers or pliers when hot. Don't expose it to too much heat, the plastic may melt. Now apply glue on pen top and put the push pin on top of it. Use a transparent (little thick)sheet and using punch, make a small round to cover the bottom. Your bottle is ready.

I discarded the bottom part of pen and this is the top part, cut to required length.

With a yellow pushpin.
With a transparent pushpin.



  1. you can remove the pin by holding it over a match for a few seconds then with pliers pull it out easy removal

  2. one more little tip, you can buy some clear tubing at the hardware store (the type they use for fish tank air hoses) you can cut it to any size you want and you can make drinking glasses with it too if you use a hole punch on some clear plastic (like the kind chocolate chip cookies come in plus you can use the bottom of clear cookie tray as windows for your dollhouse)

    have a great day

    Marisa :)

  3. Hi Spandana, Thank you again for another great mini idea.
    I tried cutting the clear plastic (Bic) pen case but it just brittles into pieces. How do you cut yours so it doeesn't break into slits and keep the bottle shape?


  4. Spandana, The part of the bottle you cut off looks to me like an ink well. Just add some dark color for ink and a feather piece.

    How do you cut the clear plastic from teh Bic pen so it doesn't break into pieces?? I even put tape over mine but it still happens. :(

  5. Hi Leilani,
    Actually , i use pens which have a hard body. They may take little more time, but doesn't matter at all. I use mini hacksaw to cut. Hope this works for you too :-)
    Ya, the small part from bottle is looking like an ink well. Good one. Thanq.

  6. Interesting method. May try. May also try Steinworks method